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Published on April 15, 2017

The GoPro Karma Drone

Looking at the world from above, the breathtaking nature of our planet becomes even clearer. That’s exactly what our brand stands for. Experiences, which celebrate us as human beings, to hold on and to experience again. And that’s why we developed karma. It is not only an aerial camera or a handheld camera, it is portable or can be mounted only. Karma is all that at once. It is a complete system. There is a lot of complicated technology in Karma. The challenge for us was to simplify something very complex so far that every karma can easily get into the air. From the outset, we have worked with Karma on a maximum transportable design. We wanted to avoid asking oneself: “Do I want to take Karma today?” We wanted to make them so practical that one wonders: “Why should not I take Karma today?” There is only one housing, ready for use and in the Backpack format.

gopro karma

GoPro Karma

The great thing about Karma is that she does not become a ballast on the road, even if I do not use it at all. One of our most important objectives was a compact design. So we positioned the stabilizer at the front. We wanted a transportable product. The position of the stabilizer was also important because the propellers are usually in the air when flying other drones. This will almost never happen with Karma. Karma is easy to transport. The foldable chassis, the fold-out boom, the controller, which is stowed in the case, the aircraft with the stabilizer, the Karmagrip – all this is ready for use in a housing.

This is fantastic. We decided that Karma should be much more than a drone. Karma should basically be an end-to-end solution for recording in all life situations. This is actually more than a drone. You can remove the stabilizer directly from the drone, insert it into the handle and take it with you. In this way, liquid pictures are produced, just on the ground. The Karma Grip is useful as an extension of your camera. On the grip itself, you can operate the shutter release of the camera, change the camera modes and stabilizer angle, and turn the camera on and off. And in addition, you can attach the KarmaGrip to all available GoPro brackets. I’m very curious how users will use it to create better GoPro recordings than ever before. Taking moments in life from this perspective is so incredible that we wanted to make it accessible to everyone. Many will be surprised how easy the karma is to fly. It is a great feeling to hold the controller in your hand. It is optimized for outdoor use: it is extremely bright and reacts like a smartphone to the same gestures.

Therefore, it is really intuitive for the user. There is a button for takeoff and landing. The drone returns automatically via the Back-to-Home button. All of this is aimed at developing a very safe and responsible flight method. At the end of the set-up process, a flight simulator is available, which simply explains to the user all the things he needs to know about flying. The Karma system has automatic recording paths.

This creates the unbeatable connection between the part of the work done by the drone and your part, the staging, motif design and recording. The Karma Controller offers a great function, the so-called GoPro Passenger App. It makes it possible to share the experience with others. You can watch the live video. You can control the camera by iPhone or Tablet. You can take pictures without having to worry about flying. I think everyone wants to fly. And to be able to control something while flying or to watch, behind this is a great fascination. We had to make the karma not only a flying but also a hand-held, mountable solution. Basically, Karma must be just as usable as a GoPro. To this extent, the Karma has certainly become the ultimate GoPro. That’s exactly what I want from a drone. As the whole unfold and then this device for aerial photographs comes out: This is really wrong. It is a magical experience to look at the recordings of Karma later.

You see things that you have never seen before. The quality of the content that our customers will create with Karma will change everything. I am sure about that..

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